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China Bee Museum-A Fascinating Institution

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The vast nation of China contains museums of various kinds, but one that immediately draws attention is the China Bee Museum located in the environs of Beijing. Situated within the beautiful Beijing Botanical Garden, the museum always enthrals the visitors who take the opportunity to explore this fascinating institution.
Having been officially opened in 1993, the China Bee Museum attempts to impart an understanding of all aspects of the lifestyle of bees and their useful relationship with humans which has existed for thousands of years. With its principal theme being the idea that bees are valuable friends of humans, the museum features three expansive exhibition halls. The numerous exhibits focus on themes such as the history and background of bee culture, the origins of bees (including fossil remnants), China's beekeeping resources, the cultural links between human beings and bees, bee pollination, bee biology, therapy for bee venom and bee products, amongst others.
The visitor will be mesmerized by the amazing exhibits on display, including more than 600 specimens as well as 475 diagrams and pictures. All of the various bee specimens and fossils are attractively presented to stimulate the interest and imagination of the visitor. Every possible aspect of the life and history of bees is portrayed in the displays. A particularly interesting exhibit depicts the manner in which ancient man scaled steep cliffs to obtain wild honey.
The fascinating lifestyle of bees is depicted in detail, and the visitor will gain an understanding of behaviours like the 'waggle dance' and VenomIf 'round dance' which these little creatures employ for different functions.
There is no doubt that beekeeping has been a useful and productive industry for the Chinese for many centuries. The Chinese character for honey has been found in tortoise shell ornaments and bones dating back to the Shang Dynasty, which existed as long ago as the 16th century BC.
The museum also offers other services, notably a consultation service with regard to bee products. Visitors also have the opportunity to buy excellent, inexpensive honey and related products as well as souvenirs and books related to beekeeping.
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