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That is the first time that a first Lady of the United States turned a voice actor in an American animated youngsters's television series. It's Donny's birthday however Winnie a toy tiger cub that is used to blow up balloons is not working properly. Doc discovers that Winnie has mud in her lungs due to being up within the attic for a very long time and needs to clear out her lungs to blow up balloons properly. As Doc and the toys go trick-or-treating within the neighborhood, Hallie gets separated from the group while following a fellow trick-or-treater carrying a Hallie Hippo costume and is spooked by the scarier Halloween costume that the trick-or-treaters put on, and learns that it is safer being in a gaggle that being separated. Gustav the Gulpy Gulpy Gator gets himself stuck in a fence gate while chasing a runaway marble, and Doc and the other toys try to set Gustav free without injuring him in the method. Donny's magician accomplice, Dmitri's toy bunny-rabbit Carrots will get a free spring in its paw and accidentally wrecks Dmitri's Magic Stage in the method. Doc receives a toy kitten as a gift at a second-hand-toy fund-raiser at her college, who Lambie decides to adopt and names Whispers. At first, the kitten feels intimidated, but gets used to its surroundings and its new proprietor, Lambie. As Stuffy, Gown Up Daisy and her pet poodle Piper have been training Sqibbles, Squibbles goes AWOL, and its as much as Doc and the other toys to search out the lacking Squibbles. The Logger of Lemurs troupe (Wyatt, Trixie, Butch, Calamity, Otis, Tumbleweed, Boots, Maybelle, Cheyenne and Yul) show off their superb expertise to Oooey Gablooey. The yellow male lemur Wyatt discovers that he is missing an arm and determined to give up the staff. Doc researches that Wyatt was really intentionally constructed this fashion at the factory. She tells him he is ideal the way he is, that being born with one arm is nice because it's unduplicatable, and makes him certainly one of a kind. As Professor Hootsburg plans to paint a portrait of the "plushies", Lambie falls into a mud puddle while doing a pirouette and gets muddy and can't participate within the portrait.

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Sylvia just so happens to be in harm's approach by a giant crab and Sprig rescues her utilizing Anne's cling glider, much to her annoyance. He finally admits that he was jealous of Sylvia, however is now glad that she has him. Polly additionally hold glides better than Anne who desires to eat the crab. Anne learns of the Bizarre Bazaar, a nightly market that disappears annually. Anne and Sprig decide to take the music field there for answers regardless of Hop Pop forbidding them to. Simply as it appears that evidently they're about to get solutions, Anne's backpack gets stolen and she and Sprig have to compete in a race towards the Wrecker. They find yourself shedding horribly and the Bazaar disappears. The Wrecker seems to be Hop Pop in disguise who was trying to teach them a lesson. They comply with hearken to him from now on and await his solutions, however Hop Pop secretly buries the field within the yard as an alternative. Sprig is scared of Maddie, his fiancé, so Anne helps him break up along with her. Afterward, Sprig and Anne get up to search out that they're a furball and a chook, respectively. They believe that Maddie cursed them, however she denies any wrongdoing. She helps discover the true culprit, the candy maker Barry who cursed them due to a petty mishap. A battle breaks out with Maddie the victor 풀싸롱 and Barry changes Anne and Sprig again to normal whereas also getting a large supply of sweet in return. Sprig apologizes for judging Maddie they usually resolve to easily be friends from now on, although Maddie continues to be creepy about it. Fearing that his grandchildren's future is in jeopardy, Hop Pop has Sprig enter a expertise show that has come to Wartwood and has him practice his fiddle until it is flawless, though Sprig merely desires to have his enjoyable relatively than successful a prize. Whereas his presentation goes off with out a hitch, a giant bat swoops in and grabs Sprig. Anne and the others work together to rescue Sprig with Polly using her "singing" to discombobulate the bat and take it down.

Just then, a large signal falls in the direction of Izumi, however Shikimori deflects it. She tells Izumi not to fret, and that each one that he needs to do is stay by her aspect. Shikimori and Izumi's class holds their sports activities competitions. Throughout Izumi's soccer match, he will get hit in the pinnacle by the ball, and is cared for by Shikimori in the nurse's workplace. Throughout Shikimori's volleyball match, they start losing the sport, but a healed Izumi arrives and encourages Shikimori from the stands. She proceeds to play exceptionally and, alongside Nekozaki, rally their team to victory. As Izumi congratulates Shikimori on the court docket, Kamiya, the opposite team's ace, leaves dissatisfied. Shikimori immediately becomes a celebrity, with many ladies lining as much as take photos together with her and showering her with praises. Seeing this, Izumi decides to stand aside. While Shikimori tries to get past her admirers to get to Izumi, Inuzuka saves him from a stray volleyball that comes by way of the window, hitting him within the face. Izumi comes close to his face to apologize for his bad luck, enraging Shikimori. Later, Izumi almost falls down the stairs, but Shikimori saves him in time. Angry, she berates him for desirous to stroll dwelling with out her. Izumi tells her he was going to the school entrance to watch for her, and that he misses being along with her. Delighted, Shikimori agrees to walk home with him. Inuzuka gifts two coupons for the motion pictures to Izumi, which he uses to invite a delighted Shikimori. Izumi packs a bag with all the required objects to counter his standard bad luck, recalling his earlier dates with Shikimori ruined by his misfortune. Meanwhile, Shikimori has a hard time deciding what to put on. The subsequent day, Izumi meets with her, and is stunned by her look. They arrive at the cinema, where she chooses a horror movie. Izumi believes he will finally demonstrate his manliness to her, but the exact opposite occurs, with Shikimori having to comfort a terrified Izumi. After the film, they go to a bakery, but Izumi has misplaced his wallet regardless of his preventive measures. Bummed out, they arrive throughout his parents, who invite Shikimori over for dinner.


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